Eureka Wading Pool 

Project Type: Beach entry pool

Location: Ballarat, VIC. Australia

Eureka Swimming Pool in Ballarat, country Victoria is a popular destination to cool down during the warmer months. The toddlers wading pool is particularly popular with parents and their youngsters who enjoy playing in the shallow water. Up until recently the beach entry section of the wading pool was tiled with ceramic tiles. The Council elected to install life for to improve safety for everyone entering or leaving the water. Life Floor is made of foam rubber and has a ripple pattern that provided extra grip when walking barefoot in addition to being soft. Now children and parents can comfortably play and relax on the soft surface. Slip and fall injuries are a thing of the past.


Project Highlights

Facility: Eureka Swimming Pool
Location: Ballarat, VIC Australia
Install Date: October 2018
Designers: The Life Floor Studio
Square Footage: 94.6 sqm
Colors: Mojave, Gobi, Sandbar, Bluebird, Turquoise (step)
Texture: Ripple 2.0
Installer: Sport and Venues

Aus Ballarat-V2.jpg

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