Kelly Ogle Safety Award


Life Floor is the first and only surfacing company in history to win the World Waterpark Association's prestigious Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award!

Each year, the Kelly Ogle Memorial Safety Award is given to an individual or organization for significant contributions to guest and employee safety in the water attractions industry. Nominees are voted on by the Board of the World Water Park Association.

The award recognizes Life Floor's leadership in, and commitment to, improving the safety of guests at waterparks all over the world. 

From Life Floor CEO Jonathan Keller:

"I'm deeply grateful to the WWA for recognizing the tremendous amount of work that we've done to make people safer when they're around water. It's hard to put a number on how many injuries we've prevented, but we know that we're preventing them, and this award shows that the waterpark industry knows it too."

"Preventing injuries like concussions and broken bones is obviously important to us, but as anyone with small children knows, even bumps and bruises can ruin an otherwise enjoyable day. Cutting down on all these injuries means we make people's lives better in both big and small ways, and that is great motivation to keep up the hard work that has brought us this far."

Pioneer in Safety Leadership:

For years, we've said that the right surface could make aquatic spaces much safer. Now, we’ll be leading that charge by working with partners all over the world. Every day, more people and more leading brands are joining our mission to bring the absolute best in aquatic surfacing to the places that need it most, including waterparks, pool decks, and splash pads. 

Kelly Ogle Memorial Award Press Release