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Our team believes floors should be beautiful, comfortable, and engineered for safety, even when wet.

Our tiles are cushioned to make life more comfortable. Whether you're walking, running, and jumping or sitting, reading, and relaxing. Even if you're standing on a pool deck, coaching for hours at a time. 


What Makes Life Floor so Extraordinary?

Amazing Slip-Resistance

Slip-and-fall injuries are a challenge for anyone around water. That's why Life Floor tiles feature incredible traction. They're slip-resistant without being abrasive, and soft for bare feet. Unlike coatings and sealants that need to be periodically reapplied, Life Floor's traction will last the entire life of the tile. 

With a static coefficient of .92, Life Floor is significantly more slip-resistant than broomed concrete. Even at a 35 degree angle, our testers are still sure-footed on Life Floor.

 Impact Attenuation

Our 9.5mm tile has a critical fall height of 310mm, but most eggs won’t break when dropped from 914mm above.



Request a sample and try it.

Life Floor tiles are the same material from top to bottom which does not absorb water or harbor microbial growth. As tiles age, or get damaged, they stay a single tile so you never need to clean particles out of your filters or skim them from the top of the pool.

Eliminating Hot Surfaces

Life Floor has installations across the United States and internationally that have withstood temperatures from -40°C to 49°C. We suggest lighter colors for tiles direct sunlight without water, as they, like concrete, can get warm.

Unlike concrete, they will cool off quickly underfoot when standing in the same place. In areas that are consistently wet (spray grounds, zero-depth entries), the tiles stay relatively cool.


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