Specs + Resources

We’ve created a series of resources to enable our partners to more easily design with and specify Life Floor. Get started with our CAD and/or Illustrator templates, understand the fundamentals of how our product is installed with our architectural details, and quickly add thematic elements to your design with files from our existing Inlay library.



Architectural Details

To understand how Life Floor is installed around drains and aquatic features, or to see the detailed spec for how our product wraps around coping and steps, download the architectural sheets below:

Application with Post/Water Feature/Rail
Concrete Requirements
Life Floor and Drains
Life Floor Coping Detail
Life Floor Depth Marker Detail
Life Floor Drain and Coping
Life Floor Finishing Details
Life Floor Transition Strip Detail
Pool Edge
Stair Wrap Variant 1
Stair Wrap Variant 2
Transition Strips
3-8 Deck to Rectangular Coping


CAD + Illustrator Resources

Below, you’ll find our Metric and Imperial CAD templates with scaled tile grid hatch patterns. To streamline the color theme process, we also have a template available that can be cropped in Adobe Illustrator. Our downloadable color equivalent chart ensures that the colors in your design most closely match our tile colors in real life.

Available Files:

Life Floor Tile Grids - Metric DWG
Life Floor Tile Grids - Imperial DWG
Theme Templates PDF | AI
Life Floor Color Equivalents Chart PDF


Inlay Designs

Inlaid shapes are a fun and cost-effective way to add theming and visual interest to any installation. Shapes are cut at a Life Floor manufacturing site and are ready for installation at the customer facility. While we can help produce just about any design you have in mind, these designs that are already in our library can get you started.

Available Files:

Crab DWG | DXF | AI
Large Bubble DWG | DXF | AI
Large Fish DWG | DXF | AI
Maple Leaf DWG | DXF | AI
Medium Fish DWG | DXF | AI
Sea Grass DWG | DXF | AI
Sea Shell DWG | DXF | AI
Seahorse DWG | DXF | AI
Small Bubble DWG | DXF | AI
Small Fish DWG | DXF | AI
Starfish DWG | DXF | AI

For more resources and design assistance, contact our studio directly.