Design Inspiration

Design doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’ve created preset themes and patterns to help get the creative process started. You may choose to use the preset themes and patterns below, or decide to use a completely custom colour palette to fit the aesthetics of your facility. The great thing about Life Floor is that it’s totally up to you.

Our designs are limited only by your imagination. For more design inspiration, be sure to check out our Lookbooks below as well as our project Portfolio. The Life Floor Studio team is standing by, ready to design the next showcase Life Floor installation.



To make multi-color floors easier to design, our team has curated a series of color combinations to fit the needs of virtually any aquatic space. Try one of these palettes or come up with one of your own to match your facility’s theming or branding.  



We’ve found that our customers prefer three patterns in particular, even though our tiles can be configured in an endless amount of ways, Click the link below to view our most popular options to help inspire a design for your project.



For project inspiration and to read even more about designing with Life Floor, be sure to flip through our latest Lookbook and feel free to peruse our archive while you’re at it.



For an in-depth look at our design possibilities, be sure to check out the selection of projects featured in our Portfolio. Each project features a photo gallery as well as a brief overview on the background and design of the installation.