Give guests another reason to stay longer and love every step of their visit.

Surfacing impacts guest experience: we’re constantly hearing from park operators about hot concrete, slippery surfaces, abrasive coatings, cracking substrates, and faded, ugly floors. Life Floor is the only surfacing solution that simply does not compromise on any of the features an aquatic surface should have. That’s because our tiles are:

  • slip-resistant without being abrasive

  • cushioned for comfort and impact attenuation

  • impervious and will not harbor microbial growth

  • easier to maintain due to the tile’s modularity

  • completely customizable and easy to design with

All over the world, water park operators are experiencing the difference surfacing makes in their park. How do Life Floor’s features translate into better guest experiences?

  • Waterparks have virtually eliminated slip and fall injuries.

  • Guests stay longer because it’s more comfortable to walk, sit, crawl, and play on Life Floor for extended periods of time. Cushioning also prevents standing fatigue for water park staff.

  • Tiles are easier to clean for water park staff, which keeps facilities at their best all season long.

  • Modular tiles are easy to replace, which means your park stays open for small maintenance work.

  • Playful, beautiful designs enhance the rest of your park features and complete a fully branded, themed experience.

Hands down one of the best products you can use to allow ‘kids to be kids’ without worrying about slips, trips and falls. The design and color selection available gives the operator endless possibilities to theme and create an interactive element that will transform an entire area into: WOW!
— Olivia Wyrick, Atlantis The Palm

WhiteWater’s Recommended Surface

WhiteWater recommends Life Floor as their premium surface offering on all multi-level-play structures as well as underneath structures. Their team of designers create floor designs that truly WOW water park guests with fully themed experiences. Life Floor is integrated as part of their full service solution to provide the best and safest products in the waterpark industry.

If you are already working directly with a WhiteWater rep, please contact your rep about Life Floor. We would also be happy to direct you to the best person for your water park project by contacting us at solutions@lifefloor.com.


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