We pride ourselves on the safety, comfort, and durability our tiles provide to aquatic environments around the world. We have also always been strongly committed to making these facilities more beautiful along the way. With that in mind, our team has developed a diverse array of color, texture, and shape options for our tiles in order to provide our Studio team and design partners with an endless array of design possibilities. Life Floor is currently available in 30 different colors, 2 different textures, and 3 different shapes, which can all be explored below.



Life Floor’s color options have been chosen specifically with the design needs of aquatics facilities in mind. Our diverse palette accommodates a wide range of thematic and branding possibilities while also offering several color families perfect for creating patterns and gradient effects.

Ripple Texture.jpg


Our tiles are currently available in two textures. Ripple 2.0, pictured above, provides the highest traction rating when wet and Slate is designed to mimic the look of stone while also featuring MicroTread™ to increase traction. Be on the lookout for our Boardwalk texture, available soon.



Because Life Floor is a tile product, our customers traditionally opt for installations comprised of our standard shapes. Our tiles come in 2’ squares (610mm), but can also be subdivided into triangles and rectangles. In addition to these shapes, thematic Inlays are available.