Life Floor is manufactured as 610mm square tiles that can be cut, arranged, and rearranged to create a remarkable number of designs, including rectangles, triangles, and curves. Have a specific narrative in mind? Use design inlays from our library or create custom shapes of your own to add theming to a facility. Through countless different configurations and color combinations, our tiles enable a wide range of opportunities to create beautiful environments with unparalleled safety. Our standard shape offerings are listed below, with many more on the horizon.


Our square tiles can be arranged in randomised multi-colour fields to evoke environmental elements like sand and water. They can also be arranged in colourful gradient patterns using a range of tones from our palette. For a more classic design, squares look great when arranged in a checkerboard grid. For a more modern effect, square tiles of the same colour can be installed consecutively to form long, rectangular configurations. Some facilities have even opted for a staggered zig-zag effect. While the original shape of our tiles may be simple, it is filled with the potential to create both beautiful and cost-effective design solutions.


By simply cutting our tiles in half to form right triangles, we’ve created a world of new design opportunities. These tiles have been the most popular choice when creating gradient effects, especially when mimicking coastlines. They’re also an excellent choice when adding accents of color around a facility. For a more geometric approach, mirrored triangles can be arranged to create an even larger pattern.


Our rectangular tiles present the opportunity to design with a popular 0.31 x 0.61m grid or to create long plank effects by aligning tiles of the same color in a row. They enable designers to create more modern, geometric patterns and, like our other shapes, rectangles can be arranged as gradients or they can be used to break up solid fields of color with bright accents. Try varying the rotation of these tiles to achieve a really dynamic look.


Inlaid shapes provide an extra touch that adds visual interest to aquatic environments and reinforces branding. Below you will find Life Floor’s always expanding library of pre-designed inlaid options, including several shapes that match our aquatic themes.

Inlays can be made in any color and at virtually any size. We can put several of one shape in a single tile, or blow a shape up to cover several tiles. The possibilities are endless.

We’re always adding to our catalog of inlaid shapes. If you don’t see something you want for your design, let us know - our designers can almost definitely make it.

Inlay Catalog

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