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What is Life Floor?

Life Floor is a 24” x 24” foam-rubber tile that is designed for floors with predominantly barefoot traffic, especially in aquatic environments.

Why is Life Floor the best aquatic surface?

Life Floor combines extraordinary safety, comfort, design, and durability to create the world's best aquatic surface.

Safety: Our tiles feature industry-leading traction, even when wet.

Comfort: Soft tiles reduce fatigue and cushion falls. Our 3/8" inch tiles have a critical fall height of 1 ft.

Design: An exciting color palette and modular construction allows for custom designs to compliment the style of any facility. We can create more intricate designs with precision cutting.

Durability: Life Floor’s RepelCell™ technology tiles are impervious to water, dirt, and debris, allowing Life Floor to be cleaned and maintained more easily than other surfaces. These features are guaranteed to last the entire life of the tile.

Where is Life Floor used?

Life Floor is commonly used as a surfacing product for (but not limited to) pool decks, spray grounds, locker rooms, showers, zero-depth entries, and underwater applications.

Which Life Floor tile is best for my application?

Our team or dealers will help you select the texture, thickness, and appearance that work best for your facility. In general, we recommend Life Floor tiles with the highest dynamic slip-resistance for areas of active play, sloped surfaces, or other applications where slip-resistance is a top concern (e.g., splash pads). We also recommend a minimum thickness of 3/8" in areas of active play for increased cushioning and critical fall height.

What is Life Floor's fall height?

Life Floor standard thickness is 3/8”, which has a fall height of 1’-0”. The thicker 7/8” tiles have a fall height of up to 4’-0”. You can also layer tiles to achieve higher fall heights.

What is Life Floor’s warranty?

Life Floor warranty depends on a few factors which you can review on our warranty page. For projects under 2,000 sq ft or installed by our Preferred Installation Partner Inside Edge, Life Floor offers a 5-year warranty for normal wear and tear on 3/8” and 7/8” tiles as well as a 3-year warranty on 3/16” tile. In areas of extreme conditions (UV, Chemical and Foot Traffic) 250,000 annual users or more) the warranty is 2 years.

What is the lead time for new orders?

Featured products ship within two weeks as they are stocked in inventory. Non-featured (custom) products have a lead time of 30-45 days, but can be rush-shipped in some cases for an additional charge.

Won’t water get in-between the tiles?

Short answer: Not really, but even if water does get between the tiles, it’s not an issue. Life Floor has not had a single post-installation incident where a customer reported problems due to water between their tiles.

Long answer: Joints are generally tight, but water may use a joint to flow to a drain, or to temporarily rest before evaporating. For indoor installations, we recommend routine cleaning to remove water before it can stagnate. Outdoors, the water will typically evaporate before it can stagnate. We also use a contact cement adhesive that creates an instant and permanent bond that stops water from going underneath the tiles.

Can I pressure wash Life Floor?

Occasionally Life Floor tiles benefit from power washing, especially cleaning between tiles, or to remove agitated cleaners from the surface. To best protect Life Floor, we suggest:

  1. A wide fan tipped nozzle (20 degrees or more)
  2. Keeping a distance of at least 12 inches between the nozzle and the floor
  3. Keeping the water pressure at, or under 1200 PSI.

Does Life Floor come in rolls?

No. Life Floor tiles are individual, 24” x 24” tiles. Tiles can be custom-cut to smaller sizes if needed. When installed, single tiles are placed individually with care, as opposed to some floor coverings that are unfurled in large, unwieldy rolls.

Individual tiles also can be removed and replaced if maintenance needs arise, which affords a facility much more flexibility over the long term.

Will the edge of a Life Floor deck cause a tripping hazard?

Life Floor offers transition strips for 3/8” and thicker tiles. The strips are 3” by 2’- 0” to provide a clean transition from an existing floor up onto Life Floor. In addition, your installer can router the edges of Life Floor to provide a more finished look.

What is Life Floor’s coefficient of friction?

Life Floor has achieved the highest possible rating using a variety of testing methods, including the British Pendulum test for dynamic coefficient of friction. You can have confidence in the superior performance of Life Floor in wet, barefoot applications compared to other flooring materials.

How does Life Floor perform in extreme heat/freezing climates?

Life Floor has installations across the United States and internationally that have withstood temperatures from -40°F to 120°F. The product has performed well in all climates. When adhered with contact cement, tiles will expand and contract with a concrete sub-base.

Will Life Floor tiles become hot?

The tiles can become warm in direct sunlight without water, comparable to concrete. In these areas we recommend our lighter colors. However, in areas that are consistently wet (spray grounds, zero-depth entries), the tiles stay relatively cool. Tiles will also cool off quickly underfoot when standing in the same place for a few seconds.

How does Life Floor perform with salt water?

The beauty of RepelCell™ technology is that Life Floor performs the same with salt water, chlorinated water, and untreated water. Salt water will not cause erosion of the Life Floor tiles.

What happens if children pick at the tiles?

The bond of Life Floor to concrete is extremely strong. A strong adult typically needs tools to remove a tile from its substrate using full body force.

What type of shoes can be worn on Life Floor?

Sneakers and other shoe types will not typically damage Life Floor Tiles, but in high "shoe traffic" areas, wear may accelerate. High heel shoes may cause indentations to Life Floor, but these impressions are often not visible from eye level and do not affect tile performance.

Will heavy objects damage Life Floor?

Heavy objects could leave a depression on the tiles’ surface. Depending on how heavy and how long the object was left in place, the depression should rebound over time.

Can you ride bikes on Life Floor?

Bicycle tires should not damage Life Floor tiles. However, the customer should be aware that if a bicycle is skidding, laying on on its side, or being dragged across the floor, the tiles may be damaged by the pedals or other sharp objects on the bike.

My edge pads, slide exits and floating features fade under the water line. Will Life Floor do that?

Yes and no. Fading of all materials is caused by oxidation, which can be caused by both pool chemistry and UV. Life Floor is designed to be as chemically resistant as possible, but it is not chemical proof. To limit the amount of potential oxidation for Life Floor - and other materials in the pool! Operators should hold their pool balance as close to the standard set by the ANSI/APSP11 2009 Standard for Water Quality in Public Pools and Spas as possible.

If a pool is outside the ideal, even if it is in the acceptable range, everything below the waterline in the pool, including Life Floor, could be still subject to chemical conditions that could accelerate oxidation. When this will occur depends on how extreme the chemical exposure is. Extreme chemical exposure defined as water chemistry used on the product with more than 28 days cumulative time in a 365 day period outside of the "ideal" set in APSP 11 Water Quality Standards.

If an operator keeps their pool in the “ideal” zone the longevity of Life Floor will be greatly increased (as well as the lifespan of other materials in the pool!)

My area gets a lot of sun, can I use Life Floor outdoors?

Life Floor is a UV Resistant product, however, like everything else, it’s not UV proof. Life Floor’s longevity in your application will depend on the amount of exposure it has to the elements, as well as where your area is on the World Health Organization UV Health Index.

Life Floor is warrantied for 2 years in areas of Extreme UV exposure. Extreme UV exposure defined by more than 90 days of daytime in the "extreme" category as defined by the World Health Organization UV Index within a 365 day period.

What issues are not covered by the Life Floor warranty?

3/8" Life Floor tiles in normal traffic conditions are warranted for five years (For further details, see terms and conditions of sale). The following is a non-exhaustive list of conditions for which Life Floor tiles are not warranted: high heel damage, contact with sharp objects such as knives, scissors, metal edges, contact with hot objects such as, sparks, cigarettes, hot liquids, contact with heavy machinery, and/or prolonged contact with hazardous chemicals e.g., solvents or acids.

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