Life Floor + WhiteWater Partnership

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Bringing non-slip cushioned surfaces to the world

Leading the industry

Life Floor and WhiteWater are very pleased to have entered an exclusive distribution agreement for the global waterpark and theme park market. Life Floor’s patented foam-rubber flooring system significantly reduces slips and falls, the #1 cause of waterpark injuries. However, with Life Floor, when a fall does occur, bumps and bruises are minimized. This is a game-changing product for the water park industry, because as every owner and operator knows, the majority of water park injuries occur in this category.

“The partnership further confirms WhiteWater’s designs and product offerings as the safest in the industry,” commented WhiteWater’s President and CEO, Geoff Chutter. 

Delivering fun, safely

Jonathan Keller, Life Floor’s CEO, sums up the announcement of this new partnership, “Working with WhiteWater, the market leader, was an obvious choice to access a wider market, but we’ve also found that the missions which drive our companies are very aligned. Both companies are single-minded about delivering fun safely with the highest quality products available. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we are excited by the opportunities that this agreement represents.”

Chris Biancofiore, the Product Manager for WhiteWater’s wide range of interactive water play products and attractions, commented, “On Life Floor, kids feel safer and freer to push their boundaries without the fear of getting hurt…simply put, they play differently.  The forgiving surface isn’t abrasive, so it’s soft on bare feet and won’t skin knees.  As a result, the only tears will come from when they’re told it’s time to leave the park.”

More than just safety

Life Floor is longer-lasting and stays cleaner. While Life Floor’s non-slip ‘soft fall’ is its biggest benefit, its quality manufacturing also makes it incredibly durable. The completely waterproof tiles will not absorb water or other liquids and last as long underwater as they do above water. Its closed-cell construction does not support the growth of microbes.

Virtually impossible to stain, its more resistant to chlorine and UV exposure than other rubber composite products on the market, making Life Floor not just a safety choice, but an economical one as well.


What is WhiteWater West Industries (WWI)?

The Original Waterpark Company! Founded in 1980, WWI helped start the World Waterpark Association and are the oldest manufacturer of fiberglass water slides. They are also the largest supplier of equipment (slides, wave pools, surfing machines, play structures) in the entire world, in fact their business is as large as all of their competitors combined. They have done over 6000 projects in the 38 years they have been in business. To get a sense of scale, if they were to install Life Floor around all of their previous projects, that would require more than 60 million square feet of Life Floor.

At this point, WWI does everything from design, specify, plan, supply, project manage, and help maintain waterparks and theme parks all over the world. Their largest markets are China, the United States, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, and they complete from 170-220 projects per year.


What does this partnership mean for Life Floor?

Life Floor is now WWI’s recommended safety surface. Soon, Life Floor will be included in all designs for water park Multi-Level Play Structure (MLP) equipment, as well as on applications such as slide towers, wave pools, and around FlowRiders and slide pads.


How did this partnership come about?

WWI and Life Floor both value safety, and the partnership is rooted in safety first and foremost. We believe that bringing the leader in aquatic safety surfacing design and manufacture in partnership with the leader in water park design and manufacture will create safer aquatic recreation experiences for potentially millions of people.


How will this partnership work for customers?

New water park customers interested in purchasing and installing MLPs can obtain Life Floor for their facility by working exclusively through WWI.

If you are a water park customer with a preexisting relationship with Life Floor, you may contact either Life Floor or WWI directly for MLPs and other projects.

If your park does not have WhiteWater equipment (really though, you'd better get on that), you can still buy from Life Floor directly.


What about splash pads?

Given our commitment to splash pad safety via our work with NSF-50, it will come as no surprise that Life Floor will still be selling splash pad surfacing directly to anyone who needs it.


Has WWI purchased Life Floor the company?

WWI has not purchased Life Floor. We remain an independent company, and we look forward to seeing how this game-changing partnership will serve the waterpark industry going forward. 


If you have any questions about how this partnership affects you, or how to best obtain Life Floor for a project, please contact