Searching for a color scheme that fits your aquatic project? Our design team has curated a number of themes to fit a wide variety of facilities. Transport your visitors to the Amazon with our Rainforest theme or to the beach with Seashore using one of the multi-color Life Floor palettes suggested below.

These pre-configured themes can also be used as a starting point for inspiration. Life Floor can be designed with any variations of these themes or with any combination of colors to best complement the theming and branding of any facility.


High Tide

Our most popular aquatic theme, pairs well with ocean life and bubble die-cuts. High UV-resistance perfect for outdoor applications, including multi-level play structures and splash pads.

Bluebird 2019.jpg

Lagoon 2019.jpg


A variant aquatic theme, this combination works especially well with splash pads, or in a mosaic for resort-style pool decks. 

Iceberg 2019.jpg

Oasis 2019.jpg


A vibrant mix of blue and green for a bright design that works well with our geometric tile options.

Ocean 2019.jpg
Iceberg 2019.jpg
Limelight 2019.jpg

Seashore 2019.jpg


This theme is often used for designs evoking shorelines, ponds, and islands. Especially popular for water parks and on splash pads. Pair with shells and other ocean life die-cuts.

Bluebird 2019.jpg
Iceberg 2019.jpg

Montauk 2019.jpg


Another popular pool deck theme, this one is also popular in community centers, indoors and outdoors.

Sandbar 2019.jpg

Zuma 2019.jpg


This theme is preferred for pool decks, especially in resorts, hotels, indoors and outdoors.

Sandbar 2019.jpg
Mojave 2019.jpg

Boulder 2019.jpg


High-UV resistance theme, perfect for public parks, and splash pad.

River Rock 2019.jpg
Foghorn 2019.jpg

Cascade 2019.jpg


Another high-UV resistance theme, perfect for municipal pools.

Kestrel 2019.jpg

Rainforest 2019.jpg


Great for splash pads and multi-level play structures at zoos, pair with wildlife die-cuts.


Wilderness 2019.jpg


A blend of colours inspired by the forest to evoke to evoke the feeling of being in the great outdoors. 

Olive 2019.jpg
Evergreen 2019.jpg

Wildflower 2019.jpg


This theme is popular in applications for the youngest children, especially splash pads. 

Ocean 2019.jpg
Iris 2019.jpg
Platypus 2019.jpg
Turquoise 2019.jpg