Cedarcrest Park Splash Pad

Project Type: Splash Pad

Location: Bloomington, Minnesota

“The design improves the whole site.”

Scott Breuer, Assistant Parks and Recreation Manager

Partnering with the City of Bloomington, Minnesota, we worked to revamp their 457.2 square meter splash pad at Cedarcrest Park. Cedarcrest Park Splash Pad features the first examples of two important concepts - our incredible, enhanced texture, Ripple 2.0, and a geometric, gradient pattern, created with our affordable precision cutting process and designed by the Life Floor Studio. With a more slip-resisting, durable, and beautiful solution for municipal parks, created within the parameters of a real-world, public budget, Cedarcrest Park Splash Pad truly represents the future of Life Floor and of municipal splash pads everywhere.

In developing the new, enhanced version of Ripple, our research and development team wanted a true test of the texture’s anti-hydroplaning capabilities and durability against the normal wear and tear of public, outdoor environments. While there are many beautiful splash pads across the Twin Cities, the Cedarcrest Park Splash Pad is unique in that the splash pad is completely open. Bikes ride over it, shoes run across it, and trees line the outer perimeter with a dry playground nearby. This means that the splash pad is covered with leaves, sticks, dirt, sand, gravel, and wood chips on a regular basis.

Our development team was pleased to find that Life Floor weathers the outdoors and public spaces extremely well. Life Floor tiles remain adhered, the surface can be easily cleaned from dirt, debris, and leaves, colors appear vibrant, and our slip-resisting texture is just as slip-resisting as the first summer season.


Project Highlights

Facility: Cedarcrest Park Splash Pad
Bloomington, Minnesota
Install Date:
June 2017
Kelsi Goss, Life Floor Studio Designer
Square Footage:
463.30 sq m
Ocean, Bluebird, Aviator, Iceberg, Porcelain
Texture: Ripple 2.0
Installer: NLC, Inc.


Designing with Gradients:

Life Floor is unique to splash pad design in that our modular square tiles are easily transformed into dynamic, geometric patterns. Gradient patterns are a great way to utilize space. The shift from color to color can also be used to make different play zones for multi-age splash features. Multiple colors also hide dirt, leaves, and debris better than a monochrome floor. Put it all together, and a beautifully designed surface creates a visual environment that invites children to run, jump, and splash.

“Life Floor originally created a design concept with only squares in a blue gradient for Cedarcrest. We decided to stay with a standard grid, but after looking at photos of the space to understand the context and size of the splash pad, we added triangles for visual interest in such a large area.” - Kelsi Goss, Studio Director

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