Surfers’ Cove Splash Pad LEGOLAND® California

Project Type: Splash Pad

Location: Carlsbad, California

In mid-2017, Life Floor was approached by Aquatic Design Group to assist in a fantastic opportunity. LEGOLAND® California Resort was planning to create a splash pad for the exciting new “Surfers’ Cove” section of its waterpark in Carlsbad, CA. The design would incorporate elements selected by the team at Merlin Magic Making in the United Kingdom and would require Life Floor to create one new color and two new die-cuts, built to scale in order to match existing LEGO ® products. Inspired by the beaches of Southern California, and featuring its own surrounding beach of real sand, Surfers’ Cove is a special, enclosed area of LEGOLAND® California’s waterpark, perfect for parents to relax within easy sight of their little ones playing on the splash pad.

The splash pad is not only perfectly integrated with the theming of LEGOLAND® Water Park and Surfers’ Cove, but features the award-winning safety and innovative design and engineering that leading brands like LEGOLAND ® and Merlin Entertainment’s design team, Merlin’s Magic Making, have come to expect from Life Floor.

Project Highlights

Facility: LEGOLAND® California Resort
Location: Carlsbad, California
Install Date: June 2017
Square Footage: 548.64 sq m
Colors: Turquoise, Ocean, Goldfish
Texture: Ripple Classic
Installer: Safety4Floors
Designers: Merlin’s Magic Making, Glen Chambers Design, Life Floor

Surfers' Cove.jpg

“One of the “secrets” to LEGOLAND® California’s theming is that everything in the park is built to the scale of actual LEGO® bricks. Surfers’ Cove is built at 25:1 scale... in this case, it would take 25 LEGO® fish (Part 64648 for those keeping track at home) laid in a row to equal the length of one Life Floor, custom die-cut fish.” -Sean Rubin, Chief Creative Officer Life Floor

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