Shawn’s Swim School

Project Type: Pool deck

Location: Hoppers Crossing, Victoria. Australia

 “In examining flooring options from not only my own experience having been in the learn to swim sector for many years, and talking with my industry colleagues, I concluded that Life Floor could offer a innovative solution to my issues”

Shawn Read, Owner of Shawn’s Swim School

Shawn Read had been searching for a floor covering solution for some time. The heavy matting used to cover his pool’s slippy concrete floors took hours to clean and his team was worn out from the daily grind. In addition, the loose matting required costly replacement every few years and was a visual blight on the popular swim school he’d established in the rapidly growing Melborne county of Hopper's Crossing. It wasn’t until Shawn attended SPLASH in 2016 that he realised he might have found a solution. Wandering the trade show floor, he spotted Life Floor – a soft, non-abrasive foam rubber tile flooring.

“I specially attended SPLASH a couple of years ago to search out flooring suppliers in the Trade Show area” said Shawn’s Swim School owner Shawn Read. “And when I saw the Sales guy drop an egg and watch it bounce without breaking, it got my attention more”.  

Following an initial four-month trial of Life Floor in a small change room, Shawn agreed to cover around 200 sq m of concrete floor pool deck over the summer holiday shutdown. Installation was overseen by an authorised Life Floor installer brought over from the United States.

Since installing Life Floor, cleaning and maintenance has become very straightforward and durability is no longer a concern.

 “We have had to keep an eye on anyone who wants to enter the pool deck wearing work boots or high heels as it likely the tiles could be scuffed, but that’s no been an issue at all” said Shawn. “The visual transformation along with the elimination of daily mat uplifting, hosing and a much less slippery, softer and hence safer floor for particularly our youngsters has been absolutely fantastic. Everyone loves it as it so nice to walk over in bare feet. The cushioning and grip is amazing”


Project Highlights

Facility: Shawn’s Swim School
Hoppers Crossing, VIC. Australia
Install Date:
January 2018
The Life Floor Studio
Square Footage:
200 sqm
Bluebird, Boulevard, and Onyx
Texture: Ripple 2.0
Installer: Sport & Venues


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